WHO we are?

INgene Insights Consultancy, a strategic youth trend insight expert and marketing company is the first ever youth insight research swarm in India which has over a decade expertise and resources in guiding brands, retailers, media houses, designers and manufacturers from all over the world.

What we DO?

We swarm with our youth cool scouts all over India and help clients to understand the consumer behavior of this subcontinent with special focus on youth market. Years after years, we have guided brands and agencies like Nike, BBC, Knights & Walkers, Consumerfaces-Singapore, Cscout NYC, Plan UK etc. to build their brands, analyzing the perfect product mix, promotional strategies, understanding the youth personas and befriending with young India.
We also design customized products, services and solutions for the brands which include cool accessories, cloths, home decors, toys, give-away etc.

With whom we have COLLABORATIONS?

We have nation–wide network of young students, professionals and creative enthusiasts with whom we collaborate to bring in fresh insights, macro and micro directions and peer-to-peer product promotion.

INgene Insights has collaborations with various youth marketing experts and agencies all over the globe such as Iconic youth analyst Ted Polhemus (www.tedpolhemus.com), youth marketing specialist Ruby Pseudo (www.rubypseudo.com) and youth sub-culture archive PYMCA (www.pymca.com) etc.

WHAT tools and methods we practice:

We focus on qualitative analysis rather than believing in dry numbers. The agency has copyright protected tools and theories which are pre-tested and already successfully implemented for various clients:

1.    The theory of adapted differentiations
2.    Indigenous socio-psychological segmentation of youth in India
3.    Geo tagging and cool cluster identification tool
4.    Deep dive wardrobe analysis tool
5.    Color psychology analysis tool

Our collaborative agencies also shares their insights and tools with us (ie. The Pop Culture Engineering tool by PYMCA).