Knights & Walker


Knights & Walker is a personal accessories brand with an impressive product portfolio in leather and writing instruments. The brand was established in London a decade ago. Launching soon is a range of new product initiatives that will see their product portfolio expand to include fragrances, eyewear, watches, jewelry and more. Over these last ten years, K&W have re-invented the process of designing, producing and marketing leather accessories. They are a key supplier to the corporate customers around the World. Our institutional sales teams located in Europe, the Middle East and North America are serving more than 700 customers, many of which are among the Fortune 500 companies. At least half a million Knights & Walker creations – leather accessories and writing instruments – are gifted or distributed to individuals every year through K&W institutional sales channel.

Their key line and new marketing initiative is “Change Your World.” K&W endorses Change that makes your life and your World better. they obsess over the quality of their products, often to a greater extent than the brands that have been around for centuries. This may be because while they are focused on their heritage, K&W is focused on the quality of our products. INgene Insights design lab is creating products and identities of K&W for past one decade.