Youth Marketing

Workshop, insight lecture and Web 2.0 format round table:

We conduct youth marketing workshops at the premises of the client and involve in interactive Web 2.0 on ground round table / discussion which is unique and catalyzing to many.

Collaborative swarming:

Collaborative swarming is a method where we induce the brand as a swarmer in certain clusters of youth so that they become an integral part of the evolving culture.

Deep dive and insight analysis:

Deep diving is to understand the root cause of certain product mixing psychology and usability factors among the youth in India. We trace down the “why factors” through our unique analysis tools.

Consumer type and Persona categorization:

Persona building is a vital and intensive exercise for any brand prior to launching the product or services. INgene is expert in customized persona categorization for the brands.

Product testing and market analysis:

We coordinate the focus groups or individual interviews to test the products of a brand, document it and analyze the outcome with possible strategic solutions.

City tour and cool scouting:

INgene Insights has cool scouts all over India and conducts guided cool scouting at various cities. The senior analysts also join in the tour to explain various socio-psychological factors and behaviors of Indian consumers. Normally the tour is pre-planned keeping in mind the need and interest of the clients / brands.

Word of Mouth marketing, networking and brand building:

We create the buzz factor and channel for effective viral marketing through peer-to-peer connectivity. The word spreads faster online and offline by sailing through the crowd and the authentic peer reviewed products are accepted faster among the youth demography. We believe that the best youth marketing strategy should to be more of an organic fruit garden, where the trees (read young consumers) are nourished and pampered to deliver more fruits (read involved activities to establish the brand), and those fruits are being used to create more trees. In this process, the trees will happily grow as well as the garden (read brand).